Thursday, August 26, 2010

Appealing Arbors

Arbors are so mysterious and appealing in shops, filled with splendid finds...I plan on duplicating this someday, putting my own touches on it.  It won't look the same but I mentally picked it apart and realized I might actually have some of the materials I need.  I will put it in my space at Vintage Market. 

News flash:  I am going to sell in a 2nd venue - Liberty Belle - located in the West Bottoms of Kansas City and open the first Friday-Sunday of each month.  A couple of vendors from Vintage Market have been there a while - Antweaked and Vintage Boyz of ReDeux.  My soul sister Cristie M. has generously offered to help me stage it.  Yikes!  I need to get home from my trip and get busy.

it's a busy August...

August has been a busy month.  My youngest child went away to college and I spent loads of time getting everything ready for the big event.  

Currently, I am visiting Portland, Oregon.  Here are a few pictures.  I started out in the Sellwood District, which has quite an impressive Antique Row.  There is one shop in particular - Unique Antiques - and Pat directed me to the local haunts - Starz Antique Malls - in the Westmoreland District.  East of there is the impressive, free-thinking Reed College.  I first read about this school in Donald Miller's book, Blue Like Jazz, which is one of my favorite books.  He is a wonderful author who happens to live in Portland. 

Next on the agenda is the Pearl District.  Then, we are off to Seattle.  There will be more pictures to follow.

Hint:  when trying to maneuver around a strange city, don't ask a cab driver to take you to a general area. 

Sunday, August 8, 2010

the rest of the Texas road trip

As promised, this is the rest of the junking expedition on our Texas trip plus our time at the LBJ Ranch.  The Ranch is just outside in Johnson City and there is the school pictured which LBJ attended a while.  The home he lived in as an adult is there.  It is in the process of having the master suites readied for public viewing.  It is a beautiful setting and the people of Texas have much to be proud of.

We journeyed northwest from Austin out along 2-lane highways and hit a few more stores before swing east to Fort Worth.  One of these shops is called "Berneice's" in a town called Evant..  It is owned and operated by a very sweet lady who allowed me to photograph her.  I purchased several things from her - dishes, side tables, and the like.  If I'd had my truck with me I could have made a major haul.  Oh, and I almost forgot the 4 vintage cabinet doors with glass knobs and hinges intact! 

This trip was so fun!  I can't wait to go to Texas again...