Friday, November 26, 2010

Time is running out...

Time is running out for me at Vintage Market in Zona Rosa.  I will be vacating that venue early next week. 

Look for me at Liberty Belle, first-Friday weekends in the West Bottoms.  That's next Friday!

There are so many wonderful people I've met at Vintage Market.  I am so grateful that God led me to rent space there.  But we have to know when it's time to close a door.

Friday, November 19, 2010

My favorite platter

This platter is my favorite platter.  It is by J & G Meakin and perfectly matches the Friendly Village pieces of Johnson Bros.  The large chip on the side adds to its character.  I love making little vignettes with my Christmas decor.

Just for fun, I threw in a couple snapshots from recent travels.  The mission is in Seattle.  Love the sign!  And the church with the Celtic cross is in Chicago, not too far from Michigan Avenue.  I love the beauty of sacred symbols and anything that lures the heart to things of God. 

We have lost the mystery and sacredness of art and beauty in modern Christianity, even though our faith is built on sacred texts.  In trying to be formulaic with our approach to Jesus, we have missed so much.  Creating art is worshipping Him...all good things are from Him and for Him. 

Friday, November 12, 2010

Christmas Decorating with Casualties

Yesterday was a day for decorating for Christmas.  Of course, the trees won't go up until after Thanksgiving.  But I spent fifteen hours dragging tubs out of the attic and pulling out decorations from the upstairs hall closet. 

I had three major casualties:  my fav antique brown transferware plate, a Clothtique santa, and a Snow Village Christmas tree farm shack.  The plate, I'll save for the mosaic graveyard, possibly never to be seen again.  The shack was beyond repair.  Santa might be saved with glue, though.

On a more serious note, I am vacating my space at Vintage Market at Zona Rosa the end of this month.  But I am still at Liberty Belle - first Friday weekend of every month in the West Bottoms.  There are 2 other venues in the same area - it won't disappoint.  All the decorators, collectors, dealers, and designers from the area attend every month.  It's a feeding frenzy! 

The best part of being a dealer is the other dealers!  It's a terrific community with all its' quirks and glitches.  Of that, I am thankful to be a part.