Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Re-design of a Small Space

Moving around the corner might - you might as well move across town!  All has to be packed up and this was the case a couple of weeks ago.  The boutique in Zona Rosa Shopping Mall in Kansas City where I rent space is called Vintage Market.  It moved around the corner, so I did too. 

My space is square with a large square post in it.  Lemons=lemonade!  I built my space around this post, dividing my tiny booth into 3 tinier sections.  It was full, then I added a truckload yesterday, literally. 

The last two photos are my friend, Kristi's booth.  Don't you love that fab sofa - tres chic, however it was hauled up a flight of basement stairs! 

A lot of the boutique is comprised of new items, therefore, we vintage dealers have less competition.  Stop by and see us.

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