Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Plight of the Antique Dealer

With the purchase of this fountain, I had a reality check.  It is way too heavy to haul around.  My smart husband suggests I sell it on craigslist.  I think he's right. 

I didn't pay a lot for it;  my zeal got the best of me! 

I've been absent from blogland, scarcely checking my bloglist, let alone posting.  This is the start of the busy season for me.  Because I live in the Midwest, we have warm weather from only spring through fall.  As a result, garage sales are only spring through fall. 

While some antique dealers around here buy year round from auctions and estate sales, only a few of us will admit the truth:  we buy our inventory from garage sales.

That being said, I've been busy with junking.  And now that I'm in 3 locations for selling my wares, I feel scattered.  Plus, next week is the Fleeting Flea in Overland Park, Kansas.  It's a 2-day show and I will blog about this on Monday.  If you live here, and even if you don't, this will be an awesome event.  My friend Antonia Roper from The Beehive, a soul sister, will be sharing a space with me. 

 In this business, there's got to be a way to "pay" myself on a semi-regular basis.  I haven't figured out how to actually make a living with this.  There's a balance and I have yet to find it.  I would appreciate comments.  I do take my business seriously, as does Uncle Sam.  I become slightly irritated when people say, "well, Diane, it's a nice hobby for long as you break even..."

I don't expect Target or Walmart or the dentist to break even.  Why should I when I spend a lot of time each month buying, fixing, painting, tagging, researching, and hauling?!  Thus the plight of the antique dealer...


  1. Hi ti auguro Buona Pasqua - Happy Easter!!
    Buon lavoro ed un caro saluto, *Maristella*.

  2. I hope you find a buyer for the fountain. It dose look quite heavy. Enjou your shows they are a lot of fun and work. But the joy of watching people is fun to me. Have agreat Easter weekend.....TALLULAH'S

  3. Garage sales have not started yet here in Ontario...possibly one or two next weekend, but generally not till after the May 24 weekend (Queen Victoria's Birthday ya know)
    Always nice to share a booth, for the help and the company...