Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Goals for 2012 - Even Ones That Sound Silly

So what if the above picture has nothing to do with goals!  I just loved it and found it on Tumblr.

Getting back to goals, I've written down goals for the past few years.  While many goals go unmet, several are partially met.  At least I'm striving to attain, even if the improvements are small.

One of my friends, who is Latino, made it a goal for 2011 to get more involved in the Latino community here in Kansas City.  Specifically, she set a goal to find Latino friends. 

One day, at a yard sale, she met a woman who was also Latino, they "hit it off" and became friends.  Through this friend, she has since gotten involved with the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and worked on fundraising projects for the group. 

What's interesting is we had a discussion before 2011 started, regarding friendships and whether at our age - 50 - if it's possible to really, genuinely make new friends.  I say "Why not?!"  I shared with her that some of my current closest friends are friends I've only had for 5 years or less, but I feel as though they have been in my life for 5 decades.  It's our spiritual connection - Jesus - that's really binds us. 

So, yes, I believe in setting all sorts of goals.  Even beyond the typical - lose weight, start running, get out of debt, etc....

Like making new best friends....

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