Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Antique Booth Re-Vamp!

River Market Antique Mall, in the heart of Kansas City, has 4 stories of wonderful spaces full of antiques and vintage finds. 

My booth is on the 3rd level, along the west wall.  It's a large booth, so I took 3 old doors and attached brackets to the bottoms, fastening those brackets to the floor.  I created a "wall" which divides my 8-by-16 foot space into 2 spaces. 

Today I will add a beautiful dressing table, with attached mirror.  I painted it and SO regret not taking "before" pics.  It was old, dinged, and tired.  Next post, I'll feature it, along with a little chest which I did take a "before" shot.

Notice the antique baby bathtub made of graniteware!  I wanted to keep this and if it hasn't sold by Spring, it's coming home.

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