Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Project using my Homemade Chalk Paint

Using homemade chalk paint, this is the project I painted.  And I could kick myself for not getting a "before" shot of this piece.  Let me describe the original:  using regular paint, it would have needed sanding because there was a lot of gloss on the veneer.  So...

I happened upon a  blog at called "It's Just Me" and saw her fabulous work.  I emailed her and asked questions and she shared that she mixes plaster of paris with water and adds it to paint.  More plaster or paris means more of a chalky appearance.

So, I had a can of light blue paint in a satin latex and put about 3/4 cup in a container.  I added about 1/4 cup of a plaster/water solution.  (I added enough water to the plaster of paris to make it like runny yogurt.) 

That's all!  I waited a day, then sanded it down before applying urethane to the top and paste wax to all the other parts.  I'm happy with the results.  I didn't pay much for this piece and it's so lightweight - I knew not to invest a lot of time in it with sanding and priming.  It won't sell for a lot of money!

Mixing the chalk paint took less than 5 minutes.  Love the results!

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