Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Loving Amy Howard Reds!

... Just a Few Things...

Blogging has never been much more than a pastime.  For some people, they've built a huge following, with a business to follow.

With the popularity of Facebook pages for businesses, I've neglected to not only update to my small-but-oh-so-important group of followers but I've neglected to catch up on reading blogs.

Truly, something has been missing.

As a vendor in the West Bottoms vintage market scene in Kansas City, I stay very busy.  I'm fortunate to be a vendor in Restoration Emporium.  Our building houses 3 stories of vendors - nearly 50 vendors total.  I am a lucky girl to be on the main level!

I have a studio in the same building - it's where the magic happens!

I had fun painting this Broyhill hutch.   I used Amy Howard paint, mixing equal parts Charm School and Shaw Red.  This color was the brain child of my friend, Steven.   #amyhoward

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