Friday, July 30, 2010

Austin in July - Junkin' through all the Small Towns

When Mr. P told me he had business to attend to in Texas I jumped at the chance and said, "Take me to Austin!".  So..we drove, preferring 2-lane highways between Forth Worth and Austin.  We happened upon Stephensville, Hico, Granbury to name a few.  Some shops.  Notice the killer Italian tole chandelier I scored at one such place - keeping this one.  I had so much fun but so many of these darling town squares have shops open only on the weekend.  So we are going back the same direction on Saturday. 

While in Austin, we have been all over town.  We had dinner the first night in town at Perla on Congress, then went across the street to The Continental for late night music. 
For the evening, we had a party to attend outside of Austin, which is the reason we came here. 

Next on the agenda is the LBJ Ranch, Fredericksburg, then more junking on the way home tomorrow.  As they say, everything is bigger in Texas, and so is the fun!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Looking for good junkin' in Austin & my space at Vintage Market

I found this old potting bench, broken apart, and brought it home.  After rebuilding it, powerwashing it, sanding it, painting it, and re-sanding here it is.  I sewed a burlap skirt, complete with stay-stitching, and applied it with upholstery tacks.  I sorta like the hooks to open it.  It is, of course, for sale at Vintage Market.  I think it would make a great work station or even a kitchen island. 

Also, I am going to Austin, Texas soon and will be perusing shops for wares and good finds.  Do any of you have any recommendations for junking or anything else?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

blackberry time...and waiting for 14 more followers!

Every year, about this time, the wild blackberries on our land are ripened for picking.  Some years I make preserves;  other years most are given away. 

Today brought only over a cup of berries.  And of course, it's always the hottest days of summer that they are ready to be picked.  I think I'll put some in vanilla yogurt and sprinkle some of my homemade granola  on top. 

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Only 17 More Followers Needed!

When my followers on this blog number 25, this hat will be randomly given away through a drawing!  (Hat form not included.)

I embellish these hats with Amy Butler fabric.  Perfect for a bad hair day!