Monday, May 23, 2011


Change is in the air...

Last week, I moved into the River Market Antique Mall in downtown Kansas City, Missouri.  I have been on the wait-list for quite some time.  This is one of the best and best-known antique malls in the midwest.  I am on the 3rd floor and am thrilled.  It is an awesome space against a brick wall, half painted white. 

I am setting up this week for the Liberty Belle sale.  And I'll be vacating Nellie & Nico's.  All in a week's work!

Last weekend, I found this antique fainting couch - gold velvet!  I have some just-purchased items and some stuff I've had a while.  Try and look for the bookcase - it was reddish-plum on the last post but is now a clean cream color. 

Now I'm off to find new hardware for the dresser which is now cream, because I can only find 7 of the original 8 pulls.  Don't you hate it when that happens...

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

No one will share their secrets...

on their painting techniques for furniture.  I have casually conversed with many vendors who routinely paint furniture;  I can't say many have told me what paint they use.  Art and Genevra from Parkville Antique Mall told me several years ago that they used inexpensive satin paint from Walmart.  I truly cannot remember any other vendors giving up their painting secrets.  And when customers come into the shops and sales and ask what the technique is used and what paint is used, they are met with tight lips.  This has offended many vendors. 

I greatly respect for sharing oodles of techniques on painiting and reupholstery and whatever else she might be working on.  This is a very generous gesture and "she who waters will herself be watered".

I have purchased paint (for furniture) from Walmart and Lowes and am rarely pleased with the results.  To really go on the cheap, I have bought many cans of "oops" paint. 

I compare my finish to other dealers and am embarassed when they see my finished work.  And some of the paint has remained tacky months after being applied. 

So I splurged and went to Sherwin Williams and bought Pro Classics water-based enamel in Roman Column.  I wanted a nice, light cream and want to settle on one cream for a lot of pieces.  I started priming and remembered to photograph my projects.  The acutal paint will follow when I get time, probably a couple of days.  I will update with the results and hope that I will feel proud and not embarassed of my painting.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Let me be honest...

I am over the chippy-painted-country look. 

It's out...can't un-ring this bell.

I was disappointed at the current issue of my fav "Country..." magazine.  All furniture on the cover was painted.

Can we not leave alone the beautiful patina of stained and beautiful walnut and oak? 

Imagine how different the following pictures would look if all the furniture had been painted.
 elle decor

elle decor

 house beautiful

Imagine how much less striking the upholstery on the chairs would be if the wood was covered with paint.
 house beautiful

house beautiful

The biggest dilemna I have, as an antique/vintage/home decor dealer is whether or not to paint good wooden furniture.  Beautiful 100 and 200 year old buffets of walnut and other woods are being slapped with coats of paint and distressed because that's what sells.  I am guilty of this!  No judging here. 

 I would so love to get over this era of painting all furniture. 

Sleek wood furnishings are beautiful.  And eclectic mixes are so interesting.  Modern is great.  Some country is great.  All is moderation. 

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Liberty Belle This Weekend

What do these things have in common:  Punch & Judy puppets, pair of rose lamps, Cortez statue, and a President Lincoln picture?  They're all in my space at Liberty Belle this weekend. 

Hope to see you all there, if you're in the area!  I will be working there Saturday afternoon.  Come by and say "Hi!"

Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Fleeting Flea

Enjoy these pictures of The Fleeting Flea Antiques and More show in Overland Park, Kansas!  It was a fantastic show and I appreciate Dale and Angie for including me.  (From ReDeux and Junie C's, respectively.)