Saturday, November 28, 2009

launch into blogging

Launching into blogging is what I'm trying to do.
After realizing that it will require "time", I have accepted that it is a part of doing business on the web - specifically etsy and ebay.
I love all things vintage, retro, and the like. Quirky is good. On-the-fringe is good.
Today, my daughter-at-home-from-college and I are going to the Country Club Plaza and we will enjoy the crowd, food, coffee, Anthropologie, and any other place that suits our fancy.
The boutique in which I previously rented space reminded a lot of our customers of Anthropologie. And I agree. Too bad it closed. (the boutique, I mean)
But this is in my blood - the "junking" so I can't just stop selling what I love to sell.

I make burlap bags, jewelry, coffee clutches, etc.
I re-purpose items and furniture and love to have someone buy something I've created.
I am putting on pictures from a sale I was in. My friend, Cristie, is a longtime junkin' buddy! She is shown in front of her treasures she was selling.
Check out my etsy sight -
On ebay - anniemasonantiques.
Love all people,


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