Monday, December 21, 2009

Weird adventures while junkin'

Having been to hundreds of garage sales, I've had many strange experiences. Very few have been scary - but this one which happened a few years ago is as close to scary as I've been while junkin'.

One Saturday, I decided to venture south of the river to hit a few sales. Now, for those of you who don't live in the Kansas City area, this is a quick drive, yet it means crossing the Missouri River. Sounds silly, I know, but if you live in this area you'd understand that this 30-minute drive is deemed much more complex than a 30-minute drive through the country.

On this particular clear, crisp Saturday morning I ventured on an awesome sale with all sorts of vintage clothing and accessories. I mean, racks of clothing that a couple of trendy and hip young girls were trying to sell. One of the girls had spectacular black-and-rhinestone cateye glasses - the kind of glasses that have to be part of an entire "look".

So, as I peruse through the junk, which is in the driveway of the around-back-detached-garage, a guy runs up from the street.

"Got any bandaids for sale?" he asks.

We all look up at him and the cateye hip girl asks him if he needs bandaids.

"Yeah, I've been running and my nipples are bleeding."

This poor/bold guy had been running on this clear, crisp morning in a thermal shirt and the friction caused his nipples to bleed. I mean, he had bloody streaks running down his shirt.

Not being a runner, I didn't quite believe him so I hung around until he left. I felt a little like a mother hen and didn't want to leave these 20-some year old girls alone with him. I've since learned that this is a problem that most runners are aware of.

By the way, I don't remember what I bought at this sale, but I hope to hit on sales of a similar caliber when the season begins again. Only without the nipple drama.

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