Thursday, February 4, 2010

Getting a Deal

I've been thinking lately about the "American way" of always wanting to get the best deal on everything. I have seen folks at yard sales waging a battle with the seller - haggling over a quarter. And it all seems so silly and petty to me.

But when this "deal-getting" happens on the professional level, I wonder if God is pleased. I mean, if a painter comes to my house, for instance, and I've gotten 3 bids already, I should accept what he charges, right? But if after seeing that he is charging a fair price I would continue to squeeze him for every last nickel I can get, then I am stingy and greedy.

Greed seems to be so accepted and expected these days. Getting the best deal is our way of keeping score, but it means that the person on the other end of the deal is getting screwed and takes less money home at the end of the day.

Who is to say that we aren't supposed to pay a little more for a car that we are buying from the man down the street. I mean, if we aren't on our last nickel, we might be the one who is supposed to bless him. He might need it more than we do. Same with housing sales or anything. If I have abundance and lack nothing, I am living better than, just guessing here, 98% of the people in the world. Why should I approach every transaction with greed?!

There are times I might be the one to bless somebody through their sale of a product or service., by paying what they initially ask. Always walking away feeling as though I have pillaged and conquered by haggling over money is wrong and is not God's way.

If I pride myself because I donate money to charity, yet in my everyday life I deal miserly, I have missed the boat. It's all for show. But really, the only One that sees all weeps for the hardness of our hearts, because we have failed to allow a blessing to flow through us and this One thought we were softening our hearts and stretching ourselves, but is disappointed in our actions and heartlife.

I am talking to myself. This is what God is telling me and it goes against the way I have always thought, but I want to allow a blessing to flow through me today - not just through giving checks to a charity, but in my walking-around life.

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