Monday, May 24, 2010

don't forget to water me...

While I love potting chairs, I often forget to water them.  I have good intentions, though.  I'm a wanna-be gardener.  I put out the oriole feeder late, but reason it's okay because this hummigbird loves it.  But I still consider myself a gardener.  I often blame my acidic soil.  But I love my yard and all the kitschy yard art in it.  I accumulate more each year as I scavenge garage sales. 

This year I vow to get more creative with found objects, what-nots, that I can put among the plants.  And I am going to get a couple of pink flamingos. 

Tomorrow I will post a project piece which I painted to put in my daughter's room.  I was going for the distressed-French-grey look.  First, I need to get help carrying it upstairs...

1 comment:

  1. Morning!! Just got your sweet note,made my day!! Your chair is so cute,love that idea! Hope you will be back often! Talk soon!