Thursday, May 6, 2010

why I like reading blogs...

This is why I like reading blogs.  Yesterday was a bummer day.  I was looking forward to the arrival of my oldest son, as he was coming into town for a job interview.  It just happened to be his birthday.  Great timing!  So...I made a cake from scratch, which I might add is very different texture from Betty Crocker, and I said, "It's your birthday and Cinco de Mayo so let's go out to eat!"

Unfortunately, he had to finish a term paper and he told me not to fix dinner, he'd just snack and drink coffee all night. 

Then, the house smelled like propane because there was a leak in the repair that the handyman had made earlier - hot water tank.  So...I shut off the gas to the tank.  Needless to say, no hot water and we're back to square one with the tank;  this probably means a new tank!  

I was DOWWWNNN....then this morning I read the first blog I came across and I forgot the disappointments of life,  the little things that don't go the way we want.  But really, isn't that what a blog is all about - putting life on paper, as imperfect as it is. 

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