Monday, February 14, 2011

Memories of 3rd Grade Valentine's Cards

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!  I hope it's a wonderful day, whether you have a love interest in your life, real or imagined!

I was remembering 3rd grade at my elementary school.  Of course, we all decorated a shoebox the night before at home and cut a slot in the top for our Valentine's we were to receive at school the next day. 

We were so so careful as to sending the right valentines to the right people.  Didn't want to send any mixed messages...

What a surprise I got the next day when the cutest boy in my 3rd grade class signed his valentine "Love" followed by his name.  I was petrified.  Showing my friends, we all compared his cards to theirs.  None of them said "Love" before his name. 

That was the sum total of any hint of affection from this boy.  Very short-lived but I still remember it! 

Can't believe I didn't save this card, the junker I am. 

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