Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Union Jack Table

This antique table has an awesome base, but I had it in 6 sales at Liberty Belle and no one fell in love with it, so I decided I needed to paint it.  I saw the Union Jack painted on furniture on and decided it would be perfect.

Taping off and getting the design correct were the toughest part. 

The finished product!  (Yes, I laid it across my kitchen table and worked on it.) 

I distressed it a bit.  I couldn't find the glaze I wanted, so I used brown shoe polish.  Then, using wipe-on polyurethane, I sealed it. 

When I return it to Liberty Belle for the next sale, I'll post a picture of it, base and all.


  1. Hello Anne,
    good that you came to the table,
    who knows what hard work, but it is
    worth it, very good!
    A hug
    ° ° SUSY

  2. Hello from Woking near London, England...
    love the table, I hope it sells next time..

  3. Absolutely wonderful! I love what you've done with this table! I'm sure it will sell now, to a discerning and appreciative customer.

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