Monday, March 14, 2011


I bought this painting from a dealer at Bottoms Up last weekend.  He is on the east side of the 2nd floor in the middle and I think it was a steal at $29 frame and all.  It's an original oil and I don't see me ever parting with it.  I love pastoral scenes with a building, and of course, original paintings.  The artist is Lena Lloyd.  I suppose an amateur artist but possibly more.
This painting gets tons of compliments.  Everyone loves it.  I got it for $45 at an auction a few years ago.  I love the aging of the canvas.  There is no visible signature. 

These paintings, each with other paintings by H.E. Broome, hang in my hallway. 

Many things that I buy, I will part with by selling them in my booths, wherever I may be renting space.   I am quite unattached to any "thing" except these paintings. 

Speaking of being an antique dealer, I am re-thinking my business.  The reality of it is that there is no predictablility in regards to income.  This is a slow time of year, I know that, and will remain slow until April 15th, tax day.  I am thinking of becoming a picker - buying for a select number of dealers - and not selling in a retail fashion.  I see it as an either-or proposition.  Can't be both.  Perhaps I'm wrong...

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