Monday, August 15, 2011

Junk for Sale All Over the Place

I have junk for sale all over the place.  These are the updated pics of what's going on in this dealer's life.

Isn't this a great velvet chair - it swivels and is only $50 at River Market Antique Mall.

Hurricane lamps aren't that special, but this antique lamp has a four-faced base.  How cool is that!  I listed it on ebay for $199. 

Crown Trifari made this vintage plastic bracelet and it's in my etsy shop -

Ditto with these earrings - sterling with rhinestones.  They are among several pieces of jewelry in my etsy shop.

The bones of this chair are great.  It was recovered in a red check, not bad, and probably should've just sold it that way!  The original fabric underneath is boring.  I have painted the wood and will recover it soon.

 Good Company is full of fun stuff and I share a space with two girlfriends.  It's a 2-weekend-a-month venue. 

That's what I worked on last week.  I have more projects and will take you along!

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  1. looks like you have your work cutout for you this week. That bracelet is sooo funky, almost bizarre.