Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What Would Dear Abby Say?

It would go something like this:

Dear Abby,
I'm a youngish-middle-aged woman who has tried to be an antique dealer for over 10 years.  During this time I've sold a few thousand items, and bought thousands more.  I really enjoy it.

The problem is - I have too much junk.  I buy much more than I sell.  It has permeated my home, filling a bay in my garage, my craft room/office, and my basement.  Even though I've made some money, I'm not making enough.  And...even though I have inventory to draw from, I feel the need to constantly go out and buy more, you know, keep up with the trends in junking.  (Oxymoron, I know.)

Help me!  I have a problem!

A Junky Gal in Missouri would go something like this:

Dear Junky Gal in Missouri,

You do indeed have a problem.  Sell ALL the junk you have in inventory before you go out and buy more junk, unless you're rich, of course.  Pare down and re-do what you have.  Spend your time on painting stuff, making stuff with what you have instead of spending time on buying more junk.

When it gets to looking like this -
Get out of the business!


Sometimes, I feel like getting rid of all the junk and getting a "real" job, where I don't stay up til midnight preparing ebay shipments, stripping 10-year old fabric off of a chair,
and moving junk to the basement, while packing up another load of junk. 

Only someone who is a dealer understands this quandry. 

By the way, I'm going to be working on this chair.  So proud that I've convinced myself to NOT go buy new fabric or burlap for it, but rather to use what-I-have.  I'll take pics as I go...

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  1. WOW..did I write that letter!!! You are Not ALONE!!! I feel the same way and hubby and I try to stop buying..and then we find a estate sale to go to and it's just continues...
    Deb :)