Saturday, September 10, 2011

Antique Booth at River Market

It was time...

I sort of neglected my space at River Market Antique Mall for a few weeks.  Traveling, prepping a kid for college,!

I added these 2 mid-century end tables.  They are $90 for the pair at River Market.  The fainting couch has never sold and I don't want to bring it home.  It's standing on it's end to make room for other stuff. 

Check out my etsy and ebay sales.  I sold a couple of nice pieces of jewelry on etsy last week.  One item sold within 10 minutes of posting at 10:00 in the evening!

Now, it's weekend time...I skip yard sales most Saturdays.  I would rather hang around home if the family is here.  If everyone's gone, I go junkin'.  But not today.  However yesterday I hit some sales and brought home a full truck.  I got a set of 4 chairs free;  they were on the curb and the owner came out and helped me load them.  Now there's generosity!  The material is not great, so I'll paint the wood and re-cover.  Pictures will follow!  And I'm still working on other projects for Good Company and The Fleeting Flea.

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