Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Fall Facelift for Home

I've been busy with washing windows in these possibly-last-days of sunny and warm weather.
My living room was looking sad, so...I got out my sewing machine.

New drapes have given my living room a facelift. 

I made them!  Hobby Lobby:  I LOVE YOU!!!

The rods I found at a garage sale - $1 for 5!  Plus a huge sack of drapery rings.

After cleaning my windows, I decided it was time.  The Pier 1 curtains had been up for 15 years. 


And always painting furniture for sales, I never enjoy it in my own home, until now.  I found this darling antique table at a yard sale, paying $10, which is a lot for me to pay for a table.  But I love it!

I dressed  up my boring crystal lamps.  They went from this:

to this!

Yes, it's a different lamp, but both cute, but dull little crystal lamps.  It just takes craft paint on the base.  I dressed up this lamp with a vintage fiberglass shade. 

What a quick transformation.  And orange is my new favorite color.

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