Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Frugal Re-do for the Kitchen

How I love the new look I gave to my kitchen hardware!  Sorry, but I forgot to take a "before" shot in my kitchen.  So the picture below shows my laundry room counter, with the pulls before I painted them. 

Don't you love the shiny brass!

I removed all pulls and hinges in my kitchen.  Then using Rustoleum Primer (heavy duty) and Rustoleum Metallic Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint, I went to town.  They look great, and I saved a lot of money.   My concern is with the hinges.  When I opened them, the paint scraped off a 1/4" section. Sharpie to the rescue.  We'll see how they hold up.  I might have to go buy new hinges. 

This was a 16-hour project.  I am pleased with the results, though.

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