Friday, July 15, 2011

If You Want Different Results...

Do you have to do things differently?

I'm speaking of my junking business.

I am selling in two locales, currently - Good Company and River Market Antique Mall.

I closed my space at Liberty Belle;  the set-up times are very structured and don't allow me to be flexible with other aspects of my life.  So, for a couple of months in which I'd like to travel, I've stepped out.  I'll miss the dealers at Belle.  Here's a shot of Heather and Ellen's space - The Red Swing.

I'd like to sell a better class of junk than what I have been trying to sell.  Dealers like Heather and Ellen and Dale spur me on to better things;  to step up my game.  So...should I stop relying on yard sales for most of my inventory?  I think I need to focus on specific categories of goods rather than buying a broad array of stuff.

Sure, I couldn't resist that alligator head I found yesterday.  And the "man" tins I found will help me pay my rent.  But that's so short-sighted. 

Change is in the air....

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