Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Junker or Hoarder?

After perusing these wonderful craigslist ads for more junk/inventory, I'm questioning whether I'm a dealer or hoarder.  I have a hard time passing up garage sales. 

All these ads are eye candy to me.  I particularly love the white vanity, even though vanities are hard to sell. 

I justify my junk as "inventory" and keep telling myself to buy only small pieces of furniture that I can move by myself, for obvious reasons.  I can just look and dream.

I don't think I'm a hoarder...not even a collector.  Just a junker who sells.


  1. Nice furniture pieces..I'm feeling like a hoarder and have been "cleaning" out the family room. The garage is packed..it isn't a pretty picture around here..send help!

  2. If you are a junker that sells, then you are definitely not a hoarder :) I have that same piece in picture one. I have the bed and dresser to match. They were given to me when I got married 24 years ago by a 70 year old friend who owned it in her childhood.