Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Frog on a Bench

Sitting on the red bench on my front porch is a cement frog.  He is the kind of frog that holds a housekey, but I've forgone such an invitation to intruders...

I love flowers in the summer.  I find it's hard to keep them alive and lively when I'm out of town, even though there is someone at my home to water them.  I must water more than others.

Twig furniture is awesome, but more for looks.  While this chair, which I received many years ago for a birthday gift, is usable, it's not comfy.  I went to Pier 1 Imports for the cushion.  I love Pier 1 - it's like Anthropologie without the expensive prices and clothing.  The staging is not as good - but the inventory is great.  And they don't have the variety of Anthropologie. 

I must go - time to water my flowers...

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