Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Wishbone's Purpose

Wishbones serve a wonderful purpose in these crocheted thimble holders I own.  They are my favorite pieces I collect.  The first one pictured is large.  The 2 smaller ones are darling, as well.  I thought I'd share more of what's in my display case collection.

I peruse antique and vintage stores often.  I never see this kind of thimble holder. 

If I crocheted I'd make one, but I only know how to crochet a chain. 


  1. Buonasera Diane. Molto belli questi
    porta-ditale...ma nach'io non ho mai visto un oggetto come questo, è inusuale e qui da noi non si è mai visto.
    Un caro saluto, *Maristella*.

  2. I found one of these in my aunt’s belongings. Her ancestors were Quilter’s. I am so glad to know what it is. It is crocheted with the thinnest crochet thread I have ever seen. Thanks for your post about this.