Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Giveaway AND Liberty Belle

First things first:  I've reached (insert mental drum roll) 25 followers!  Thank you! 

So...scroll to the lower portion of my blog and all  my blog subjects are shown, hit "giveaway".  You'll see that I am giving away a Vagabond Hat.  I'll have a drawing today and announce the winner of this little hat.  I embellish these hats with Amy Butler fabric.  Tres cute!  (If I draw your name, please email me your address.) 

Lastly,  set-up for Liberty Belle is complete, except for a few smalls that I'll tuck into spaces.  Plus I need to paint a Fleur-de-lis on a vintage card table, which is currently rather plain.  Enjoy the photos.

Of course, Independence Day is just around the corner.  I don't mean to offend anyone in another country with the display of the US flag.  (I believe I lost a follower due to this in a previous post.) 

I greatly admire and respect all those who have fought in our Armed Forces and many have given their lives in service.  I am not ashamed of my country's flag.  It represents so much for so many...Thanks to all who served and are now serving. 

Just yesterday I attended the funeral of a young soldier who died in combat.  I'm deeply moved by his sacrifice and his family's sacrifice.  No words suffice. 

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  1. Congrat's on 25 followers..they will come :)
    I've lost a few too...and I'm fine with that.
    Great finds and goodies to sell. Not sure about where to go for the giveaway..
    deb :)